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Matt Boxley

My interest in photography began during childhood whilst I was at junior school.  My farther owned a Pentax MX film camera and was a member of a local camera club.  I was fascinated, yet confused by all the knobs, dials and buttons on the camera. I had not got a clue how to use the camera but my father would often set the exposure and prefocus to allow me to take the image which often included him in the frame. As my photography journey started to progress I was allowed the use of my parents compact camera and took hundreds of photographs. Most of my images were the floor or sky however my speciality was portraiture with at least the top of the head cut off. Fully auto mode was my friend as at this point and I really still had no idea of what I was doing.  My photographs were just snapshots and nothing really to get excited about.  A capture of a special moment in time and a record of a memory.

Catching the photography bug

In 2014 I was working for an engineering company who were developing a brand and relaunching it’s corporate identity.  I was asked to take some photographs for the corporate brochure and website. The first brief was to capture a colleague sitting in front of a computer screen looking at a technical drawing. My colleague who was to star in the image owned an entry level DSLR and a tripod.  He sat at his desk whilst I fumbled around removing items from his desk and altering the frame. Composing the image took a few minutes, with the camera settings in auto mode I clicked away and moments later we had our image and I had the bug! 

Technical Image

I purchased my first DSLR a Nikon D7100 in April 2014 after much research and visiting the photography show at the NEC Birmingham. 

The never ending challenge to take the “perfect picture” is well under way.  I continually read books and attend training courses to gain a better understanding of all technical areas of photography. Youtube has been a big help in my photography journey helping me to understand areas such as composition, exposure and raw file processing.  This website is to document my journey and share my interest of photography with you. I am often asked about the equipment I use so I have created a dedicated page with a selection of my most used gear & equipment

Everyday Life

I live in central England around 12 miles south of Birmingham with My beautiful wife Helen and Rosie my pet Labrador Retriever.  When I am not working I love to travel.  Some of my favourite places I have visited include Pisa  and Rome in Italy, Dubai in the Middle East  and the set of Game of Thrones in Croatia.  When we are not traveling and I am not out with the camera I love spending time with Helen, going to the movies and eating out. I don’t think you can beet a nice pint of real ale and chicken Jalfrezi !

Like most people in the world I can be found on many social media sites.  If you would like to connect, comment on my photos or even just say hello it would be great to hear from you. Use the buttons below to go directly to my profile pages, see you there!

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