Linkin the Hungarian Vizsla


A mans best friend…

It’s often claimed that a mans best friend is his dog. Our best friends are regularly described as loyal, affectionate, calming and playful to name a few. Linkin is a beautiful Hungarian Vizsla and belongs to the Askins-Parry family. Linkin currently resides in North Wales which is approximately 1350 miles from where the Vizsla was developed in Hungary.

How To Capture a Last Minute Sunset

Sunset with moody sky

Sunrise and sunsets make for beautiful images. Today I tell you the story behind the sunset that almost escaped.

Sitting at home enjoying a lovely cup of British tea on a Sunday afternoon I think about how dull the weekends weather has been with dark overcast sky and flat light. Days like these are best spent processing images, shopping for new gear or planning the next photo adventure.

With one eye constantly looking for that break in the cloud and the occasional look at the weather app on my iphone time was ticking to sunset. Full of motivation all I wanted was a break in the cloud.

Reflections – Warrens Hall Nature Reserve

Toll End Works Bridge

Photographers love to travel

Travel is often a major influence with photography, be it landscapes in the Lake District, cityscapes in the heart of Dubai or that safari adventure in the Masai Mara. For many these opportunities take lots of planning and a severe investment in both time and money to achieve.

Keeping it local

Fortunately there are many photographic locations that can be found closer to home. Canals, woodlands and common ground to name a few. I consider myself lucky to have such beauty so close to home with many different opportunities more or less on my doorstep. One of my favourite spots close to home is Warrens Hall Nature Reserve.

Birds of Prey Photography Experience – The Falconry Centre Hagley

Bald Eagle

Birds of prey are one of the most exciting wildlife subjects a photographer will have to photograph. Usually their distance from the camera, fast movements and the bright sky pose huge problems for photographers. I was recently given the gift of a birds of prey photography experience at my local Falconry Centre. In this post I will give you my best bird photography tips and ideas as well as share a selection of the images captured on the day.

Raw vs Jpeg

raw vs jpeg

Raw vs Jpeg

Almost all new digital camera owners often face the raw vs jpeg scenario.  should I be shooting raw or jpeg? what is a raw file? the following information is designed to help you decide which file type is best for you.

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