Woodland Rhododendrons

You may have noticed I’ve have had a little bit of a break over the past few weeks. The world of social media began to drag me down and I felt like it was becoming rather a chore to keep sharing my images. In my opinion there are two types of sharing. Firstly sharing because you want to and secondly, sharing because there is what feels like a constant need to feed an algorithm. I much prefer the former so as you can probably gather a much needed break was required.

Although I have been missing for a few weeks I can’t really call it a photographic rest. I’ve still been using my camera and post processing images. I did switch things up a little by choosing to focus primarily on close up and macro subjects. The macro world really is quite different to my usual landscape work and has made a pleasant change. I am always amazed by the detail to be found in the tiny world and hope to write about my macro adventures in future posts. Maybe Its true what they say, sometimes a change can be as good as a break.

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Woodland Rhododendrons

I recently had a few hours to myself so decided to visit one of my favourite local woodlands. I usually visit Bunkers Hill Woods either first thing in the morning or very late in the day. The light is often more appealing when the sun is lower in the sky as shadows are a lot longer which helps to add definition and contrast to a woodland scene. Not to mention on a morning there is also the chance of stumbling across some lovely mist. You know the kind I am talking about, the magical kind where It makes everything appear surreal and often fairytale like. Couple that with a backlit sun and now we’re dreaming…

Coming back down to reality our woodland’s can appear quite green at this time of year. Maybe even too green depending who you talk to. After all there is now plenty of green leaf growth and the woodland canopy has stared to thicken blocking out a considerable amount of light reaching the woodland floor.

The paths in Bunkers Hill Woods are quite wide, clearly defined and definitely well walked. At this time of year some of the paths are lined with colourful woodland rhododendrons. I came across this particularly large Rhododendron in full bloom on my walk with hundreds of rich purple flowers. I’ll post the image I made below.

Rhododendrons on my woodland walk
Nikon Z6 24-70 @ 49mm 1/125 f/6.3 ISO 400

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