Bluebells In The Woods

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Spring has finally arrived providing us with a variety of colourful flowers and carpets of woodland bluebells. Did you know the UK is home to over half of the worlds population of bluebells. This means we don’t have to look far to find a magical carpet of these little...

Malvern Hills Sunrise

Worcestershire Beacon on the Malvern Hills

Earlier this year I hiked to the top of the Worcestershire Beacon on the Malvern Hills to photograph a spectacular winter sunrise. I wasn’t disappointed and came away with a set of images I am very proud of. I know what you are thinking! It’s the start of summer...

Linkin the Hungarian Vizsla


A mans best friend… It’s often claimed that a mans best friend is his dog. Our best friends are regularly described as loyal, affectionate, calming and playful to name a few. Linkin is a beautiful Hungarian Vizsla and belongs to the Askins-Parry family. Linkin currently resides in North Wales...

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